For INFJs, Writing is Life.

The constant flow of information in our minds is overwhelming. The way that our intuition connects the dots between premonition and facts is hard to understand. The pictures that flash through our minds are difficult to sum up quickly in words that... just don't feel right.

We need the pause that writing offeres.

We need time to think, process, search, rethink. The words will come to us, but we need time to make sure they are the right ones, the way we want to be presented to the world.

In this pause, the magic happens.

When we take time to sort out our thoughts and feelings through writing, when we hone the craft and really learn to express ourselves without fear or hesitation, we realize that this magical space is useful for so much more. It's not just leaving a mark on the world, though that is very important for sure, it's also working to understand ourselves and our personality on a much deeper level. It's through this understanding that we solve problems and organize the challenges in our lives. This amazing tool is useful beyond all means and understanding, if only we can break through the blocks and be set free.

These extra episodes are intended to do just that.

If you're ready to break through the blocks and write without fear or hesitation, sign up for these free episodes today and I'll show you everything you need to know.

Podcast Episodes

    1. 1. Understand yourself better through writing

    1. 2. Organize Your Life with Writing

    1. 3. Solve your problems with writing

    1. 4. Get past writing blocks

    2. How To Get Past the 5 Major Writing Blocks for INFJs Workbook

    1. 5. Are people still blogging?

    1. 6. Is writing a blog right for me?

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