“Let's just be who we really are.”

Understand your INFJ personality type in just 30 days!

Break through the confusion about your MBTI personality type! Finally understand yourself, why you do what you do, how you make decisions, and how you organize your life!

This workshop includes:

  • 30 videos designed to give you a clear understanding of yourself

  • You'll get 1 video a day for the next 30 days

  • The INFJ User Guide Ebook

  • Bonus: How to Know for Sure if You're an INFJ Workshop

  • Bonus: Guided workbook outlining the personality test that we use in the workshop

  • Lifetime access to the replay of the workshop and workbook

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Our Customers Love Us

  • Lauren

    "Words cannot express how thankful I am to have had this course come into my life when I did. I have struggled my whole life with lack of confidence and lack of self-love. This course has helped me understand and accept who I really am, and has been a vital guide in giving me the courage to make some MUCH needed changes in my life. It has helped me navigate the ending of a series of toxic relationships and set me on the right path to learning how to know and love my true self."

  • Suvidya Y.

    “I haven't related to anyone this much ever!!! I could literally relate to every single thing, whether it was having a need for some alone time, making decisions from a gut feeling, feeling that people don't really understand me, pulling an all-nighter just because of things that don't matter past regrets, constantly thinking about the future, trying to have everything perfect, just thinking about other's feelings before mine all the time!! I'm really glad that I was a part of this workshop, where I could learn a lot more about myself! I'd also like to say that the session was absolutely perfect, you explained everything so nicely! I hope that I can be a part of more such sessions."

  • Kelly

    "I feel empowered to take the next step in my journey! I learned so much about myself during this course. I came into this course unaware of my purpose and now I have clarity and a plan for the future. I loved how this course was self-paced so I could take my time with each module."

Course curriculum

    1. What Does it Mean to Be an Introvert for INFJs?

    2. What Does it Mean to have Intuition for INFJs?

    3. What Does it Mean to have a Feeling personality for INFJs?

    4. What Does it Mean to have a Judging personality for INFJs?

    5. Breaking the Habit of Being You

    6. Who Were You Before You Were Told Who To Be?

    7. INFJ Strengths

    8. INFJ Weaknesses

    9. INFJ Functions

    10. Does the Environment that We Live in Affect our Personality?

    1. INFJ Relationships

    2. The INFJ Love Life

    3. Communication

    1. How to Find Your Purpose in Life

    2. Why Most INFJs Never Find Their Purpose in Life

    3. The Best Career for an INFJ

    4. How to Fit In at Work

    5. How to Start Your Own Business as an INFJ, Part 1

    6. How to Start Your Own Business as an INFJ, Part 2

    7. Being an Introvert in an Extroverted World

    8. How to Stop Waiting

    1. How to solve the INFJ identity crisis

    2. INFJ Labels Don't Matter

    3. How To Stop Overthinking

    4. Happiness is an Inside Job

    5. It's Not My Truth

    6. Scarcity and Abundance Mindset

    7. Finding Yourself Is Not How It Works

    8. Question Everything

    9. 10 Things that Make INFJs Awesome

    1. The INFJ User Guide Ebook

    2. What to do when your INFJ Ebook

    3. What's Your Type - Workshop

    4. Whats Your Type Workbook

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